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(05 March 2014) Projection and discussion of the movie “4% Universe” with lecturers – Prof. Leandar Litov and Cveta Koeva

The cycle of lectures of the Institute for Advanced Studies Balkanski-Panitza aims to present to the wide audience leading researchers from Bulgaria and abroad who work in various academic fields (humanitarian and social sciences, science, engineering). Among the lectors are distinct figures from the civil society, means of mass communication and business with respect to the education and science issues in Bulgaria. The lectures aim to bridge the different fields of the scientific knowledge and to contribute to the enrichment of the academic life in Bulgaria in accordance to the mission of the Institute.

What:    Projection of the Movie “4% Universe” and a discussion with the team which developed it. Lecturers – Prof. Leandar Litov and Cveta Koeva 
When:   05 March, 2014, 19:00
Where:  Sofia University Rectorate, lecture hall 224 (hall America for Bulgaria)

Projection of the Movie “4% Universe” and a discussion with the team which developed it. Lecturers – prof. Leandar Litov and Cveta Koeva.


We know only about 4% of the Universe. The lack of knowledge triggers fear of the end of the world. This fear leads to manipulations and apocalyptic speculations. The biggest scientists of our time – the physicists from the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research /CERN/ talk not about the end of the world, but about its beginning. This is a movie with a cause which presents the achievements of the Bulgarian scientists, participating in the biggest experiment of our times- the Large Hadron Collider in CERN – Geneva. Above all this is a movie about the people who stand behind this vast project. Among them we find Bulgarian scientists, engineers, and computer scientists which work in the heart and brain of this remarkable creation. Leading figure in the movie is prof. Leandar Litov.

Producer: Gospodin Nedelchev – Dido
Scriptwriter: Krum Tonchev, Gospodin Nedelchev – Dido
Cameraman: Vladimir Stoev
Music: Konstantin Tsekov
Executive producer: Cveta Koeva – Trailer of the movie in Bulgarian with English Subtitles

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