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(14 May 2014) National Reserve Sboryanovo Archeological findings and sensations, sustainability and paradoxes in its management by Prof. Dr. Diana Gergova

The cycle of lectures of the Institute for Advanced Studies Balkanski-Panitza aims to present to the wide audience leading researchers from Bulgaria and abroad who work in various academic fields (humanitarian and social sciences, science, engineering). Among the lectors are distinct figures from the civil society, means of mass communication and business with respect to the education and science issues in Bulgaria. The lectures aim to bridge the different fields of the scientific knowledge and to contribute to the enrichment of the academic life in Bulgaria in accordance to the mission of the Institute.

What:     National Reserve Sboryanovo Archeological findings and sensations, sustainability and paradoxes in its management by Prof. Dr. Diana Gergova
When:   14 May 2014, 19:00
Where:  Sofia University Rectorate, lecture hall 23

The long archeological excavations of the National Reserve Sboryanovo revealed the ruins of the capital city of the Northern Thracians – Getty. The uniquely situated estate of tumuli with rare architecture, fortified town, and places of cult which date back from I century B.C. until late Medieval ages is one of its kind not only in Bulgaria but also around the world. The sensational discoveries from this place continue to stun the public and earn their well-deserved place among the most valuable artifacts in the world cultural heritage. The Reserve presents in a unique way the development of the cultures, religious and ethnical interactions across time not only on the Bulgarian lands, but also in the common Eurasian area.

The uncovered archeological heritage is with a huge potential – scientific, forming the national identity, and economical – as a place of cultural tourism and sustainable development.

As a counter-point to the up to now deficiency of interest towards the national archeological heritage, the accumulated experience in the  Reserve allows the introduction of a new effective way of preservation and management of the archeological heritage.

Prof. Dr. Diana Gergova, National Archeological Institute with a museum – BAN, is an archeologist with expertise in the field of Thracian archeology, cult archeology, funeral practices, heritage preservation, cultural legislation, interdisciplinary research. She holds a PhD from Sofia University with a dissertation topic “Jewelry from the early iron age on the Bulgarian lands – 11th-6th century B.C. – 1977. Later she specializes in USSR, Great Britain, France, Japan and Italy.

Prof. Gergova is a coordinator of archeological excavations of the Thracian Religious and Spiritual Center at “Sboryanovo” 1983-2014, of the Bulgarian-Japanese expedition of “Dyadovo” Tumulus, Nova Zagora 1985-2013 and others. She is an author of 4 monographs, and over 200 publications on the problems of culture, religion, the cultural interactions of the Thracians, and the preservation of the cultural heritage. Prof. Gergova is also an organizer of scientific conferences – “Sboryanovo – research and problems 1992”, “Geoarcheology of the tumuli in ancient Europe – Kozentza, Italy” and “Getty – culture and traditions, 2003.” Her expertise also includes organization of exhibitions, documentaries consultant, and secretary of various national and international bodies.

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