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New Bulgarian University Lecture Series

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Vatsov

(6 December 2017) On Truth and University Today by Prof. Dr. Dimitar Vatsov

When: 6 December 2017, 19:00
Where: Sofia University Rectorate, lecture hall 240 (floor 1)

In this lecture Dimitar Vatsov will shortly outline the performative theory of truth elaborated in his last book (This is True! Sofia: New Bulgarian University, 2016). He will show that truth-telling is a specific practical gesture, a particular speech device: the utterances of the type “This is true!” generalize what is declared to be true as a sample, as a model to be followed, as a paradigm that should be reiterated always in the same way (but mention that often delusions and for sure lies repeat the same formula). Being a practical gesture – being a performative, – truth-telling never ends in an absolute truth. The truths we utter even in mathematics and physics have certain degree of uncertainty.

This theory has its public consequences: it opens possibilities for its own political uses and abuses that are to be pointed out in advance…
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