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International Summer School in Cryptology and Cyber-Resilience

8 – 15 July 2018 (Sunday-Sunday), “National Institute of Education”, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria
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Registration is now open! >>> to download the registration form, click here

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CryptoBG*2018 First announcement >>> download from here
CryptoBG*2018 Sponsorship package >>> download from here
Queries and interest >>> info (at) cryptoBG (dot) org

One intensive week of theory, practice and discussions: 4-hour lectures and tutorials by international experts extended with practical workshops, labs and seminars, simulations, round-table discussions and working groups on hot topics

Topics of the year:

  • Symmetric Encryption
  • White-Box Cryptogaphy
  • Blockchain
  • Secure Multi-Party Computation
  • Deep Learning
  • Biometrics

And a round of CTF*BG (Capture The Flag) by the CyResLab of ESI CEE – RED <>BLUE teams in 3 sessions:

  • CTF “warm up” & challenges explained
  • Active security
  • CTF*BG Ultimate

Especially for the Industry and Sponsors: Challenge the CryptoBG*2018 team – define a problem/challenge, bring it on day 1 and get a solution in a week

Lectures and Tutorials

Dr. Claude Barral (Bactech, France) – Large Scale Performance Evaluation of a Biometric System: Process and Issues
Dr. Christina Boura (Université de Versailles, France) – Symmetric Encryption
Dr. Julien Bringer (Smart Valor, Switzerland) – Blockchain
Dr. Nicolas Gama (Inpher, Switzerland) – Secure Multi-Party Computation
Dr. Pascal Paillier (CryptoExperts, France) – White-Box Cryptography
Dr. Adrian Thillard (ANSSI, France) – Deep Learning Techniques for Side-Channel Analysis

Organizing committee:

Prof. Minko Balkanski, IHE, France
Dr. Nicolas Gama, Inpher, Switzerland
Dr. Mariya Georgieva, Gemalto, France
Prof. Dimitar Jetchev, EPFL, Switzerland
Dr. George Sharkov, ESI CEE, Bulgaria

Organized by:

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